I volunteered for the Democrats in 2006 (to oust Rick Santorum) and Obama in 2008. After one heated debate, I asked him why he loved me. And I liked feeling that we both kept an open mind. None of our friends could have a bipartisan relationship like ours.

Or the time we were cuddled up on the bed watching “Lost” and starting talking about who was president in 1977 (Carter). ” I asked, but of course: He was the creator of the New Deal.

That kicked off a conversation about Reagan, one of his favorites, which led to my championing FDR, which led to him grumpily rolling off the bed and heading outside. We were polar opposites on the topic of federal programs, but I couldn’t resist pushing him on it.

I’ve been on a few dates with a woman I really enjoy spending time with. Let’s try to put additional thought into whether or not this is a deal breaker.

I met her through an online website, but her political preferences were not listed. I was a Political Science major for about a year and a half of college before changing to Theatre.

Danielle is a conservative political consultant who aides organizations in communicating their big ideas and empowering leaders.

She works with a multitude of organizations, most notably including the American Conservation Coalition, OUTSET Network, and Future Female Leaders.

Danielle can't explain why she doesn't need feminism, she's too busy succeeding without it.

She likes coffee, capitalism, and proving people wrong.

She might be a little more Fox News, and you not so much.