All the keys are full programmable for convenience.In addition to changing out his keyboard and mouse for Razer, he’s forgone his pink spray painted headphones (listed below) and replaced them with some Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphones. This took us forever to find but we’re now 100% sure this is the right one.Pewds also recently got this webcam to help with his live-streaming. He’s not using it for a second angle in his normal vids. No gunslinger will last without a spare pistol and when it comes to Pew Die Pie gear that spare pistol is a shotgun.

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Love him or hate him, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka Pew Die Pie is the indisputable champion of Youtube celebrity.

Made of prime materials and touting a brilliant ergonomic design, the Pew Die Pie Edition chair is accordingly fit for game-playing royalty.

A Brofist logo on the back is like the man himself punching you into shape. For someone like Pew Die Pie, graphic resolution and monitor performance are essential.

The ASUS MX27UQ Monitor offers a frameless LED display and utilizes state-of-the-art eye care technology to ensure that the Youtube star doesn’t basically go blind during his binge sessions.

Update April-17: Should’ve stuck with our original guess that this is in fact the one he uses. Pew Die Pie can rarely sit still and so naturally he needs a microphone mount that’s as dynamic and flexible as he is.

With a sleep apple-like design (even though he’s got a PC), it’s ideal to match his ASUS screens.

With built-in power amplifiers, these are the perfect desktop zonemonitors, even among genuine audiophiles. These are small enough to fit on his big ass white desk and sit neatly atop his ASUS monitors.

The feedback process between the dildo and the sleeve (an Aesop’s fable that never made the final cut) goes both ways.

As well as setting off pulsations in the male masturbator, the dildo will get feedback regarding speed and intensity.

What started as a devout game-play enthusiast who earned a loyal following by reviewing video games with his own particular brand of lingo, has evolved into a trend-setting figurehead complete with a “bro army” and a slew of Youtube clips that extend well beyond one given arena.