A 1.0 credit is considered equivalent to 15 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

In your first year, you will embark on an intensive study of modern Icelandic at beginner's level, study a mainland Scandinavian language (normally Danish) as well as Old Norse, and have the option of studying Scandinavian literary studies and linguistics.

D3, M1, M1 in three Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects. ABB at Advanced Highers (or AB at Advanced Higher and BBB at Higher). Successful completion of the WBQ Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate plus 2 GCE A-Levels at grades ABB. The Undergraduate Preparatory Certificates (UPCs) are intensive one-year foundation courses for international students of high academic potential who are aiming to gain access to undergraduate degree programmes at UCL and other top UK universities.

Typical UPC students will be high achievers in a 12-year school system which does not meet the standard required for direct entry to UCL. If your education has not been conducted in the English language, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency.

Students spend their year abroad at Haskoli Islands (University of Iceland).

Note: students may also be able to apply for British Council language assistantships. Degree-level Modern Icelandic Modern Icelandic Literature: Special Topics Old Norse II Students taking Icelandic with Danish, Norwegian or Swedish will also take 0.5 credits of advanced-level modules in their mainland Scandinavian language. Options may include: Dissertation in Scandinavian Studies Extended Essay in Scandinavian Studies Nordic Cinema Nordic Landscapes Nordic Literature in a Global World Nordic Politics and Society The Nordic Welfare States Reading Finnish Society and Culture Scandinavian Social Democracy The Vikings in Europe ELCS Advanced Level modules Students taking Icelandic with Danish, Norwegian or Swedish will take 1.5 credits of optional modules.

Intermediate Language module in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish Intermediate Modern Icelandic Language Old Norse I You will select 1.5 credits of optional modules.

Options may include: Nordic Cinema Nordic Landscapes Nordic Politics and Society The Nordic Welfare States Scandinavian Literature in Context Viking-Age Scandinavia Introduction to Finnish Society and Culture ELCS Intermediate Level modules For further information on the year abroad please visit the SELCS year abroad website.

UCL's four-year Icelandic BA is the only degree programme of its kind outside Iceland.

The programme aims to develop your interest in, and knowledge and understanding of Iceland and the Nordic world, in areas including other Scandinavian languages, literature, culture and history.

Detailed course descriptions are available on the department website: Icelandic BA.

Upon graduation you will be fluent in Icelandic and also have knowledge of other medieval and modern Scandinavian languages.

You will be exposed to broad cultural movements, issues and approaches and be able to draw on the full range of specialisms within the school.