And so maybe all this ranting isn’t so much about the city as about our generation, and what’s so bad about San Francisco is the sobering reality that it’s the frontier toward which we’ve been driving.

It’s the city that’s creating tomorrow’s companies and setting the standard for social progress.

But it’s partly because, as it always has in America, the West Coast represents the -orientation. ” How does this translate to personal relationships?

Which complicates gender roles beyond logistics (whose career do we prioritize?

) to fundamental worth (what do you bring to this that I don’t already have?

So it’s not that there aren’t a lot of check-all-the-boxes men and women in San Francisco, it’s that, when you take out the engineers, the marrieds, the gays, and the older men, that’s that’s here.

For all its transplants, San Francisco is a homogenous city, a pot of overachievers whose normal means of standing out fall flat.

What can you provide that I couldn’t provide for myself? In short, I fully acknowledge that there’s another piece of this argument, which is that San Francisco is so bad because the here are so difficult.

Were I a man here, I would be complaining that I “just can’t win” with women in SF: that they’re expectations are simultaneously incredibly high and very poorly articulated.

And, we both conceded, there wasn’t a single one whom, if we never saw them again, we’d remember to think about. That is, what kind of people are my guy friend and I to be so dismissive, and is it possible that San Francisco is not so bad because it has a lot of geeks and marrieds and gays and male cougars, but because it has so many of . We’re the ones who excelled in our small town high schools, netting us a place at prestigious universities and, from there, elite jobs and enrollment in competitive graduate programs where we were further groomed to think we can and should do anything to which we set our minds.

We’re the ones parents and teachers tapped as “high potential” when we were 12, at which point we were given permission to focus all our attention on ourselves.

The air is crisp, the good vibes are circulating, and magic is around every corner. Well, if you’re about to take the plunge, I have a fabulous find to use at your engagement party, wedding showers, or wedding reception. Yes, the old school Mad Libs that you giggled over as a child are now re-tooled for adult fun.

(But adult fun, mind you.) Does it get any cuter than this?

Claro, quem quiser poderá comprar as noites separadamente.