A juggalo (feminine juggalette, or juggala in Spanish) is a fan of the group Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records hip hop group.Juggalos have developed their own idioms, slang, and characteristics.

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A whole song on Bang Pow Boom is based off the insipid To Catch a Predator, tabloid TV series.

Another song, I Found a Body, which is about finding a body (no surprise there) trudges along lacking any of the insight or bizarre commentary that was the foundation of ICP's lyrical style.

Some members of the Juggalos street gang even look down on non-criminal Juggalos, considering them to be weak, Both Juggalo gang affiliates and nonviolent Juggalos believe in the Juggalo "family", however, some nonviolent Juggalos do not believe that any gang related activity should be associated with the Juggalo lifestyle.

Psychopathic Records launched the website for fans to submit stories about unfair treatment by law enforcement.

Over its first eleven events, the festival has drawn an attendance of about 107,500 fans.

Mainstream media has also made references to the Juggalo subculture.

According to Joe, a Floob was essentially a scrub, but not just an ordinary scrub.

A Floob "wore the same old shoes and shitty clothes from rummage sales [...] but [...] didn't even have to be cool.

alternatively known as just "The Gathering", is a notable annual festival held by juggalos and the artists that they support, which have included rap stars such as Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube, and MC Hammer; over its first eleven events, the festival had an average attendance of about 10,000 fans, with a peak of 20,000 in 2010.