Vocal: Using social media to voice her thoughts, she recently tweeted: 'Diagnosed [with] testicular feminization (AIS) & labeled male pseudo-hermaphrodite exist in the gray.But, I believe, so does everybody.''The way that we took care of things in the past...

"Prostitution becomes a source of self confidence," Claudette explained, "for people who see in prostitutes the ultimate femininity and who assume this role with happiness and a sense of relief." Though her unconventional gender identity and choice of profession are commonly associated with trauma and shame, Claudette wears both aspects of her life with pride and joy.

Refusing to be pitied for what other people may be uncomfortable with, Claudette displays the immense power that accompanies a deep love for oneself.

It's like they HAVE to have a box you will fit in so they will know how to deal with you.

They can't just deal with you as the person you are, they have to place lables on you and stick you in their box.

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The 29-year-old from Chicago has Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS), a very rare disorder affecting 1 in 20,000 which prevents a womb from growing and causes testes to grow in the abdomen or other unusual places in the body.Throughout her life, gender has played a major role in Claudette's identity, though not a defining one."I never felt bad about being hermaphrodite, it’s the others who have a problem with it; not me," Claudette told Delrieu. I have always felt like a girl and I lived my life accordingly.I do not have a uterus and cannot produce enough estrogen or testosterone on my own, and require a lifelong regimen of estrogen and progeterone hormones. I'd like to hear your views, (particularly women).How would you see intersexed people with respect to gender?With honesty and bravery, she creates a life for herself on her own terms -- a life that, despite the more unconventional details of her existence, is made up of the universal components of work, family, memories and love.