Pull your newly sewn piece onto the front of the seat back – the fit should be very snug.

intimidating office chair-58

Depending on the construction of your chair, this may or may not be required.

I noticed, as I was taking this chair apart, that it had cording stapled everywhere where the fabric met the wood.

On this particular chair, the back side of the seat back was a separate piece that screws onto the cushioned seat back.

I stapled the new fabric in the order shown on the photo – first the centers on opposing sides, then moving out to the corners. I try to pull slightly tighter than I think I need to; this will ensure a snug, professional reupholstery.

As you near the “start”, stop your machine, cut your thread, and pin exactly where the ends will come together.

Pin this, then sew this seam together before resuming and completing your perimeter seam.

Reupholstery can seem very intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but with a good tutorial and some patience, you can customize nearly any piece of furniture to be just how you want it.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reupholster a basic office chair (which is a good project for beginner to intermediate DIYers).

Keeping your fabric and the cord itself stretched taut, use a zipper foot on your sewing machine to sew the cording.