Companies will evidently pay for these campaigns simply hoping for a small piece of their innate coolness to rub off on their brands. But then we are us, we are not the intended audience. I'll be interested to read the reviews on You Tube.Secondly, the video was produced remarkably quickly.The tone of the press there was intimidating, particularly toward Russia.

intimidatingly a word-82

Anyway, that was a group of old-school advertisers, set in the relatively stuffy ways of traditional media.

If they were scary, how daunting was it to meet the guys from Rubber Republic, specialists in viral campaigns, which are surely the coolest ads of the lot. But most importantly, in pursuit of their art they are uniquely uncompromising.

HASS, in a vague and deformed nutshell, is MIT's method of making sure that students take at least one humanities/communication class per semester.

As you may be able to surmise, I'm trying to avoid telling you anything specific about the HASS requirements because there is a 93% chance that I will say something that is completely imaginary, spurring a horde of upperclassmen blog commenters to descend like locusts upon a ripe orchard of false information.

Every thing had been done by the Indians to render this show as intimidating as possible.

There has been no systematic devastation for the purpose of intimidating the people.

I said this to myself, resolutely, by way of answer to the intimidating storm.

This arbitrary conduct did not succeed in intimidating the other Councillors.

I was on the point of saying this, but Schomberg's stare was intimidating.

"Vow it then, madame," cried the prince, furious at not intimidating his victim.

Such compromise is important in the ordinary profession of advertising.