I was just about to respond to Sculpting Man's thread that mentions a Copic Marker clone to be sold through the Artery.Great Idea, but if I understand Autodesk (desktop) Sketchbook's very good Copic implementation, what makes it truly marker like is that the brush is painting in a Multiply or Darken mode.

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Yeah, this has been suggested many times before and I 1 it again.

Great for those who paint on max sized canvases with few layers.

This is a feature we're all extremely keen on, especially Cam and James.

We'd love to bring this to Procreate, but currently we're hamstrung by the technology. We're just not sure where it fit's in the current roadmap and things have really changed with the i Pad Pro.

You can't put light digital Copic Marker over Dark digital Copic (much like in the real world where it not only won't really work, it will dissolve the darker color a bit) So that begs the question, could Procreate support Blending Modes applied directly to the brush.

Otherwise, we'd have to have a Multiply Layer to truly get a Marker feel.

Step 5: Go to Cool Roms (Super Nintendo Section) and select a ROM. " You can also watch the video below, which will walk you through all the steps.

Step 6: Select 'Download Now' and then choose: Open in Si OS and the ROM will save in the Si OS app.

One can simulate real painting processes such as glazing with a brush set on multiply.

And simulate the glow brush from Painter with a brush set to color dodge.

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