The easiest way to clear up apps that are stuck waiting is a Restart.

To Restart or Reboot your i Pad air, i Phone or i Pad touch; Looking Button.

The second condition, no new features or functionality, is really up to you.

iphone app store not updating applications-1

Make sure you are signed in with the same account that made the purchase.

When you locate the app in the i Tunes Store, you should see “install” or “Downloaded” instead of a price.

In a day filled with surprises, Apple has shocked us once again with the release of i Tunes 12.7, which entirely revamps the i Tunes App.

The new i Tunes is designed to focus solely on music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks, which means there is no built-in App Store.

Even with the latest update on ios 10.3.1, this error would appear sometimes.

First, give the app enough time to download and make sure it’s actually stuck before proceeding.The new i Tunes focuses on music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks.It adds support for syncing i OS 11 devices and includes new features for-- Apple Music. Members can create profiles and follow each other to see music they are listening to and any playlists they've shared. i Tunes U collections are now part of the Apple Podcasts family.After that, I only found update heading without any other information such as update all and the list of application that are need to be updated. Since, by doing this, you force the App Store to reload entirely, all updates should now appear. Sometimes just ignoring you have updates for awhile then going back you'll find them. For me, this problem have been happened since yesterday, but my friend have the same problem after he updated his i Phone into i OS 6.1 on friday. Actually, my friend in Singapore also have the same problem. Search and explore free educational content produced by leading schools, universities, museums, and cultural institutions all in one place.