Hannah sparked speculation earlier in the day when she stepped out with Redmayne in London, according to Us Weekly.

The publicist showed signs of a slight baby bump while attending an event with the Oscar winner.

What the film seems to be saying is that "disability is bad and anyone who has anything physically different about them would be better off if they were able bodied".

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''Then you get emails from your friends going, 'Dude, is it true ...? ' Then they don't believe you.''The British heartthrob instead remains quiet about his relationship status - especially after spending time with in 'My Week With Marylin', however he remains modest and doesn't look at the film industry in a ''fanatical'' way.

He added to Glamour magazine: ''I'm not a fantasist.

For everything I've done that's worked, I've done thousands of films that have never seen the light of day.''I just quite like making a living out of it, y'know?

"Eddie and Hannah Redmayne are delighted to confirm they are expecting their second child," the actor's rep told People.

So, amid the furore about the lack of disabled actors landing blockbuster disabled roles, we really need to look at an even bigger picture.

For portrayals of disability don’t just improve by employing actually disabled actors.To me, however, this goes down as one of the most cack-handed, condescending movie denouements of all time.What we’re expected to believe here is that, for all the quite devastatingly advanced discoveries made by Hawking about the universe, and our role in it, we are supposed to believe that the best thing that could possibly ever happen to him is not to make another scientific breakthrough about black holes, but to simply stand up and have a stroll around the room.As Frances Ryan pointed out in the Guardian recently, 'While “blacking up” is rightly now greeted with outrage, “cripping up” is still greeted with awards'.She has a point, although s a disabled man who has, albeit briefly, "trodden the boards", I find this comparison more than a little heavy handed.Chatting with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, November 16, Redmayne was asked by a viewer about his alleged 2012 romance with Swift.