They both look super-cool and Hollywoody in sunglasses. August of 2008: Katie Holmes is spotted wearing her husband’s jeans, prompting Liz Kelly to write an angry blog-letter requesting that she stop.

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Martins Press), explains why it was a true Hollywood romance — because from the beginning, Holmes was playing a part.

When Tom Cruise turned 42, his best friend, controversial Scientology leader David Miscavige, threw a lavish birthday party, costing an estimated $300,000, on board the church’s cruise ship.

He flew in singers, dancers and even Tom’s favorite sushi chefs for the bash, where the actor was serenaded with the medley of songs from his box-office hits.

“It’s the best birthday ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, and I mean ever,” he said, with typical understatement.

May 7, 2006: The Post’s Hank Stuever publicly breaks up with Tom Cruise. April 18, 2006: Suri Cruise arrives in the world via a silent birth, prompting responses of “Oh, I guess that’s nice,” and “How could there not have been noise while she was pushing a person out of her? ” (For the record, People noted it was Hebrew for princess.) We get our first glimpse of the princess in a Vanity Fair spread in October of that year. It happens in a medieval castle in Rome, city of those initial smoochy photos, with Snyder and Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith and many other famous people in attendance.

She is indeed a beautiful child who clearly has no idea that in a few short years she’ll be the subject of a million blog posts about why she can’t give up her binky and why she’s wearing lip gloss at such a young age. 11, 2006: Tom Kat attend a Washington Redskins game with pal Dan Snyder. It also yields a wedding photo that looks like a Polaroid from an ‘80s prom (theme: “Take My Breath Away”), a touching poem by former Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly and a lively Celebritology discussion.

As a leading member of a religion founded by science-fiction writer L. But Katie’s carefully executed escape plan means that, deliberately or not, she is getting one back for the sisterhood.

When he and Kidman divorced, Cruise effectively gained custody of their adopted children, Connor and Isabella. Holmes, presumably with the advice of her lawyer father, Martin Holmes, is playing hardball.

They visually confirm it by engaging in much PDA in Rome. “This would be sweet,” the young Brown tells her mother, “if it wasn’t so fake.” Oct.

May 23, 2005: On a day that would later inspire a significant exhibit at the Weird Celebrity Interview Hall of Fame, Cruise appears on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”and declares his love for Holmes while jumping on Oprah’s sofa like a crazed kid in the freakiest bouncy castle of all time. Twitter did not yet exist, but if it had it would have exploded in a manner so epic, it would have made the subsequent Chesapeake Bay Bridge scene in “Mission Impossible: III” look like the tiny pop-pop-pop of sparklers. 5, 2005: In an obvious attempt to make every Cruise fan’s head spin around “Exorcist”-style, Cruise and Holmes announce they are expecting their first child together.

June 23, 2010: Tom Cruise comes before the Court of Celebritology, with Liz Kelly acting as prosecutor and Jen Chaney representing the defense. ) Various dates, 2008-2012: Rumors that Holmes is pregnant with the couples’s second child appear in tabloids and celeb blogs on numerous occasions but are never substantiated.