Even before Mullen was her son-in-law, Hwang was privy to he and her daughter’s ambitions. It's bigger than what they were doing with science fairs.Chen and Mullen are both from Oxford, where they attended the same preschool and participated in activities like karate before dating while enrolled in Oxford High School.“I watched them grow up together. And I love to listen to their dreams,” Hwang said.“I’m always being the cheerleader, saying, 'Go, go, go.’”Recipients of the Jim and Donna Barksdale School of Medicine Scholarship, Mullen and Chen have committed to practicing medicine in the state for five years.

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And they’ve shared tips on their med school class’ Facebook group. The couple has opted to take a gap year from medical school with the hopes of sharing what they’ve learned in school classrooms and universities. As the person travels through the home, he or she can then recall the items with the help of spatial memory.

Given a list of 15 random words during the interview, Mullen and Chen explained how a memory palace might be constructed.

As students, Chen and Mullen were disappointed at the lack of material on how to apply the techniques to their academic lives.

Mullen explained that most memory coaching might be geared toward prepping mental athletes for competition or business executives seeking to memorize a presentation.“The execution is different because it’s short-term versus long-term,” said Mullen.

For the word “cat,” one might envision a cat chasing a silver ball of light reflected off the TV sitting in the sun room; for “chicken,” one might imagine people eating at their dining room table; “perseverance” could be the image of one practicing at the piano in the living room; and “fun” could be a drink cart in the corner.

As a person walks through the memory house, the words should be easier to recall.

The couple reasoned, “he can memorize a deck of cards in 17 seconds.

Maybe we can translate that to helping me do well on this bio chem(istry) test," Chen said.“We tried.

You kind of have a natural intuition for this,” Chen said.