Evanna: It was quite a big deal for me when it was released.

I was invited to JK Rowling’s launch party at the Natural History Museum and I was the second person to go up and have my copy of the book signed.

It’s really scary at school and there’s a lot of exams at the moment as I’m repeating my A levels.

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Matthew: Yeah I really am, I think it’s going to be pretty mad. When the book came out and with it being the last one you just knew it was going to be something pretty special.

Hey UGuys: Obviously the last instalment came out whilst you were playing Luna and Neville, did you have to shut yourselves away to read it in peace?

’ Hey UGuys: Were there any scenes in the movie that ended up on the cutting room floor that you really wanted the audience to see? But I just felt really grateful because Neville’s not in that part of the book so it was great of the producers to put him in there so people wouldn’t forget about Neville.

I felt a real sense of gratitude to be included because it means I’m in all eight of the films, which is pretty special.

Jarvis has guest-starred on the TV series East Enders and Upstairs Downstairs.

On a particularly beautiful Pancake Day a few weeks ago, Hey UGuys frolicked into Soho to talk to Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch about the release of the first Deathly Hallows instalment on DVD and how Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood are faring now that things are building up to an explosive finale this summer.

"Evy had sworn off meat basically as soon as someone can consciously choose to and has a special affinity for animals, so visiting places like that with her is always fun and we had a great morning.

So when we got to the farm cafe for lunch and she asked me ' What do you want?

' I didn't detect even the hint of a trap. Her face fell." He went on to describe how her influence made her decide to go vegan.

Other Instagram posts showed more of their travels around the world — like visiting San Francisco's Alcatraz Island to celebrate James Potter's birthday, hiking in Los Angeles' Runyon Canyon, reading at a park in Cambridge and exploring the sights (and meeting Hello Kitty! Since Harry Potter, Lynch has starred in the film My Name Is Emily and the BBC Television movie Danny and the Human Zoo.

(Watch them in their respective scenes from the movie in the clip above!