She's going to remember that for the rest of her life.

Proposals are so important because obviously, that's the one time you make that gesture.

is omar epps and sanaa lathan still dating-40

While they maintain their story played out in an organic manner, they admit there are a few similarities between their relationship and Monica and Quincy's (Lathan and Omar Epps) on-screen romance.

"For a while, it was similar to how Quincy completely shut down communication [in the movie]," Dorsett told Bleacher Report.

Johnson is considering opportunities to play in either Italy or Germany next season to be closer to Dorsett.

However, before she leaves, there is a little piece of business that remains unfinished with regard to the proposal.

We should have another talk with Coach Carile of Princeton. There's no way an lvy League team will go all the way.

Thinking about how good I look shootin' that three.

and I promise I'll leave you satisfied." What a ho.

when we were -years-old 'cause he was about to lose.

So, do you know who Q is asking to the spring dance?

Did that cover story on you two in "Sunday Magazine." You'd love for him to play at USC like you, right?

We worked too damn hard not to take the championship with us.