directly to video-on-demand services, which is a shame considering how much damn fun it is to watch. Chris Pine, Ed Helms and Jessica Alba all play against type in supporting roles, but it’s Wilson’s flawed but likable performance that anchors the film.

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As retired superhero Dan Dreiberg, Wilson captures both the courageous and noble side of the character as well as the washed-up, sad-sack demeanor he’s adopted since hanging up his cape.

The actor put on 25 pounds for the latter scenes, illustrating his commitment to the project and doing justice to the righteous character.

She also wants the reward — the charge — of feeling significant.

She has no resume of being in a war against happiness.

The actor plays a husband and father who gets embroiled in a torrid affair with another married parent (Kate Winslet).

Though his co-stars had showier roles and received more critical recognition, Wilson delivers wonderfully understated work in the film, which deals with the inner turmoil that each of the characters must overcome or be crushed by.

Moreover, Wilson has the chance to show off his stage experience, having been a Tony-nominated theatre star before branching into film.

with this Oscar-nominated drama centering on a group of suburban residents facing temptation and obsession around every corner.

Ray is (ridiculously, as Hannah acknowledges) hostile toward the accusation, and Joshua leaves, decidedly unsatisfied.

Hannah next ventures to Joshua’s house, where she will soon confess to being the trash-dumper.

She’s not sleeping on the street to further her writing career — she’s taken the best possible situation she can have (including, at certain points in the recent past, the humbling task of asking her parents for support) — and there was absolutely no indication, prior to meeting Joshua, that with more money she wouldn’t improve her situation.