She's even accompanying him to the royal wedding April 29.

Does that mean they're planning to stay together this time?

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Chelsy and Harry reportedly got together way back in 2004, when the prince was 20.

There was some speculation that they had broken up just before his 21st birthday, but Harry called Davy his girlfriend in an interview right around the same time.

We wouldn't even go home, just sleep in the office.

They have these tiny dorm rooms.' She also admitted: 'I like to achieve things and am very ambitious.'She even studied gemology at the Gemological Institute Of America to get to grips with her new career, and has spoken of her desire for her range to benefit locals who work in gem mines.

But there are some surprising similarities between the pair.

They probably have more in common with each other than they ever had with Harry.

Apparently the split was so bad that Davy moved back to South Africa for a while!

But, she moved back to the UK in early 2011 and is now dating Prince Harry again.

After Stowe, Cressida and Chelsy went to Leeds University — though Cressida read dance and Chelsy law, having already read economics at the University of Cape Town.

Leeds students are known for their wild parties, most notably the famous Otley Run — a mile-long pub-crawl along the Otley Road.

No doubt Harry's girls fitted in there marvellously.