The sheer amount of craft on display that you never see or notice in the movies is mind-boggling.

She was hailed by the media as Hollywood's new "it girl", and received a BAFTA nomination for Best Rising Star.

After a two-year career break, Mc Adams starred in two limited release films in 2008; the film noir Married Life and the road trip comedy-drama The Lucky Ones.

Bring a camera, because photographs are encouraged and your Black Berry will fill up in no time. Here you learn how the Quidditch games and the Weasleys' flying car were created.

You can even experience how they were shot against a green screen before a backdrop such as London at night was inserted. But what Potter fan wouldn't want to sit on a Nimbus 2000 broomstick while wearing a Hogwarts school robe (that is handily supplied for you)? They are quite expensive at £12, but Potter fans will love them. In Dumbledore's office, every image of previous Hogwarts' headmasters was painted twice, once with eyes open and once closed to represent the illusion of night-time sleeping.

She returned to prominence in 2009 by appearing in the political-thriller State of Play, the science-fiction romantic drama The Time Traveler's Wife and the mystery action-adventure film Sherlock Holmes.

In 2010, Mc Adams appeared in her first star vehicle, the comedy Morning Glory.

The eager staff (some are former extras) are knowledgeable about everything Potter.

It's a shame they're not costumed, but they're approachable and capable of dealing with real HP geeks. Visitors also get insight into pre and post-production and the special effects of the films. Or even how Ralph Fiennes lost his nose to become "He Who Must Not Be Named" (and emerged with those snake-like nostrils)? I'd have to say yes, but I'm biased – see what my dad says (above). Actually, this tour would be an amazing experience for anyone, die-hard fan or not.

In 2005, Mc Adams starred with Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Bradley Cooper in the romantic comedy Wedding Crashers.