especially with Savannah's penchant for dating pro athletes.

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Well, Drewes took advantage of her moment in the sun.

She took some pictures for Playboy wearing a body paint Tebow jersey.

They are rumored to have met at church and according to her Twitter bio, she is a "Realtor in progress." As far as I can tell, these two are still an unconfirmed couple.

Now everyone knows The Weekly World News is a completely legit news source and their piece on Tim Tebow dating Lennay Kekua could be pretty accurate. She faked her death so no one would think Tebow was a bad guy and they could continue their secret relationship in secret. No, but this photo was hilarious and it was caught on national TV.

So far, the only woman who has been confirmed to have dated Tim Tebow is Camilla Belle.

It lasted about two months, so maybe confirming the relationship cursed them.

Or maybe Tebow and Taylor Swift are secretly an item, because apparently Belle and Swift have beef surrounding another guy.

Tim Tebow was forever linked to Katy Perry after Perry's mother said the two should date.

The photo of Tebow and a brunette woman made its way onto many computer screens in 2007 and beyond.