Med 32 nagrajenci sta tudi sodelavki Instituta “Jožef Stefan” dr.

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The attendees of Key to solution 2014 IBM Slovenia have likewise noticed the solution in action since there were no queues like at previous events.

Attendees didn’t even notice any queues nor did they realize they were being registered or that they were being tracked in real time at the lectures.

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During this time we collaborated with New Moment agency.

Project manager Glorija Petek had this to say about our collaboration: “We decided to collaborate with company Identiks because they are currently the only ones offering the kind of solution we required.

We could even reserve the exact amount of lunches in the restaurant which only saved our time and money.

novembra 2017 v sodelovanju z nacionalnim odzivnim centrom SI-CERT (Arnes) organiziral konferenco Dan informacijske varnosti.

Na konferenci je bilo izvedenih 60 dvostranskih sestankov med 45 podjetji in raziskovalci.