And, ultimately, she really has sacrificed everything to protect this young girl, so I really don't think love is in the equation.

Your Tango: As busy as you are, how do you balance everything?

Jamie chung and bryan greenberg dating video

Celebrity News" data-blog-content="false" data-content-tags="["8e00d552-7168-4c7c-8232-3a8b516c8c8d"]" data-singular-terms="["Celebrity News"]" data-content-hub-id="" data-content-strategy-type="editorial" data-content-series="" actor Bryan Greenberg had a Hallowen wedding on Saturday, October 31, at El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, California, in an outdoor, traditional Jewish ceremony.

Their spectacular wedding weekend commenced on Friday evening with a costume and dinner party (themed "boos and booze"!

where he takes Uma Thurman to a house party and it didn't turn me off when he was dancing which..know...that's hard to do.

Anyway, I was so down with that that I even watched a few episodes of that terrible tv series Then I wondered if he would be into Asians.

In fact, the "Inferno 2" champ's future hubby hasn't even watched a single episode of the 2003 series. Why is the MTV alum -- who was known for her sweet demeanor and close bonds with Cam and (FREE! "So I was like, “Alright, fine.' She was like, ‘I was the boring one.'" You were most certainly NOT, Jam!

"I can't find it," the actor recently revealed to ET Online about his ladylove's televised San Diego stint. ) Brad during her residency at the stunning beach-side abode -- so resistant to have a binge-fest of the classic program with her main man? Even though the quasi Oscar winner didn't need a midnight rescue from the local jail or flirt with the desirable guy housemates, J added her own unique personality and views to the show.

Jamie Chung: It's finding the juggle line of what's business and what's personal. Yes, work is a priority but ultimately my relationship is the No.

The marriage proposal apparently occurred while the couple were vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands over the holidays.

And most exciting of all, late in 2013, she became engaged to longtime love Bryan Greenberg, 35, (). We decided there's no rush, and we have so many of our friends getting married this year. Your Tango: What's the key to keeping your relationship strong and happy?

We don't want to take away from that and we want to enjoy everyone else's weddings before stressing on our own. Jamie Chung: Patience and forgiveness, and I think Bryan's done more of that than I. Your Tango: What little things do you do to show him you care?

With a hot new series and a wedding to plan, life is busier than ever for Jamie Chung, 30. It was done privately and both our families were in San Francisco [her hometown] with us, not to share that exact moment, but to celebrate together and spend the holidays together. Jamie Chung: We did but it's far from now, in 2015.