If you’re going to spend a month thinking about somebody or even a minute – which is what I do in my live shows when I roast the audience – it’s gotta be somebody you admire.

I don’t think there are any bones in his body.” Thinking ahead to the Cape date, Ross muses, “I like to think of myself as a party person, or a good date-night comic. I pull anger out of the equation.” Ross spoke to the Cape Cod Times on the phone from Los Angeles. A: I specifically ask for volunteers to come on stage – not for my whole act, but for the end of my act - and I’ll bring people who look ripe for roasting, couples, pregnant people, disabled people, big people, little people, whoever wants to come up, and I give them their 15 seconds of fame and inevitably they love it. A lot of it has to do with what happens in the news that week.

Q: At one point in your life did you look at standup and decide “I can do this”? Q: Presumably, they give you a check at the end of the night. A: My parents had passed away long before I started comedy so I was unleashed to do basically whatever I wanted, which is really a blessing and a curse because you’re really floating out there. Q: You’ve done roasts in front of two rather diverse groups, the Boston police and criminals incarcerated in a Texas prison. A: The criminals were a much easier crowd, a captive audience, if you will, and willing to be vulnerable, whereas the cops were often stone-faced. After a joke I made they would mumble under their breath. The murderers were sat toward the front for security purposes for the guards to access them if somebody acted up.

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The group joined together to film a segment for Soooo did we all vote today? Good times @davidspade @therealjeffreyross @caitlinconfidential @charlottemckinney #importantstuff A post shared by Liz Carey (@thelizcarey) on Here is a clip. Currently, the busy blonde has been dividing her time between charity work, appearances, and modeling gigs, which she shares frequently with her followers.

While recently in Miami, Mc Kinney spent time at the beach, appropriately decked out in various swimwear.

Morril brought it up instantly, with the audience exploding from the release of anticipation.

For Ross, it succeed by being “funny without being cute,” since sometimes roast jokes can feel “like math” — like an equation of inputs and outputs.

But if you can capture their essence in a joke, it’s really hard to swing back from that.” Sam Morril, about Steve Rannazzisi “From a scale of one to ten, I’m going to give that a ground zero, Steve.” When it was first announced that Rannazzisi would be competing, everyone could anticipate what the jokes would be about.

When you lie about being in 9/11, people tend to bring it up.

Feelings are important, but it’s OK to poke people if you don’t break the skin. She didn’t know how to stand up to a bully, and look what happened. A: Well, I like to think of myself as not a political person. Q: One of my favorite Comedy Central Roasts was the one with Rob Lowe, not because of him exactly, but because of the barbs flung the way of Ann Coulter, who was in the roasting group. I can’t say she was hilarious, and I can’t really say she was a great sport, but she did come and try. It wasn’t until later in life I realized the beauty of the older guys like Buddy Hackett and Don Rickles or Milton Berle. Once I did that, I felt like I jumped off my path and headed toward my future.

Politically correct humor has made us a little soft and a little squeamish. Q: Are you, then, like many comics an equal-opportunity offender? Especially those by Pete Davidson, who destroyed her. I feel somehow connected and related to all those guys. I was doing open mics and trying to build up some experience, and I got an opportunity to appear on “Star Search.” That was very legit because suddenly I was flown to Disney World in Florida and I was on a show with singers and dancers and Ed Mc Mahon was the host. Q: What did your parents think about dropping your surname? Q: Taking on these guys – even in a “controlled” setting – did you see that as a risk? I still feel like I’m at risk because these guys are all getting out one day.

Let’s call it a hodgepodge of fun topics, and in the middle of that I pick up a guitar and sing about pizza and Chinese food. He seems singularly un-humorous, especially if the comedy pertains to himself. A: I’ve roasted him a couple of times now, maybe 10 years and six years ago. He laughed a lot, believe it or not, and took it very well. ” He nodded yes and I said, “Well, then tell your face.” Q: In terms of comedy in general, this country is going through another politically correct era, which I’m thinking you don’t abide by. We are a politically correct culture, and I don’t think that’s always so healthy. I didn’t even realize they were comedians when I was a kid.

I think it’s important to understand and talk about our differences openly. She’s a lovely woman and if she’s single she should give me a call. I thought of them in the same breath as I did Led Zeppelin, the Clash and the Sex Pistols. You bought the album like you bought a music album. I won one episode and then I lost, but I remember every time Ed Mc Mahon introduced me, he mispronounced my name. It was only on the flight home back to Newark, New Jersey that I realized there’s some potential here, I might actually be a comedian at heart, but I’m going to have make a sacrifice and that sacrifice was dropping my last name and using my middle name.

Thirty minutes before the live taping of the finale of Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle, which took place as part of last weekend’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, there was an appropriately electric atmosphere in the venue. It was like this all week in Montreal, and it needed to be if Comedy Central was going to really sell the “battle” aspect of Roast Battle.