Jesus said “The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit, They are life”. As we seek the Lord in word and truth, we receive the Spiritual experience of inviting His Spirit into our lives.

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By then he was 35 and had already achieved fame and fortune with his fiction, which included “Other Voices, Other Rooms” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” But “In Cold Blood,” which reconstructed in stark detail the murders at the Clutter farm, was a radical departure for him.

The killers, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, both of them ex-convicts, had intended to rob the family, which they knew to be well-off.

The Good News is proclaimed through television, medical outreaches, seminars and festivals.

Pastor Larry Lewis is the founder of The Larry Lewis Ministries.

And it brought Capote even more financial and social success.

The book, disturbing and gory, took its toll on him, though.

Keller’s achievements and indomitable spirit helped alter public perceptions of disabled people, showing them as overcoming obstacles rather than as inviting only pity. Keller with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, honoring her as a model of courage and determination.