I questioned whether I’d been responsible for the break-up in the same way that Jan questions herself over her husband’s death.‘My separation was incredibly sudden, unexplained and heartbreaking because for the first time in my life everything seemed so right, I thought he was The One, but I never got any answers from the man in question.

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He was branded a "miserable git" by her sister Nadia Sawahla after complaining about photographs published of him attending her wedding to TV producer Mark Adderley in OK! The two sisters are now close but did not end the feud until after Miss Sawahla's relationship with Mr Davies finished.

Miss Sawahla said of the stand-off: "We all admit there are a lot of egos flying around and things just got blown out of proportion...

I laugh all day on that show, even if making Saffy work in her 40s has become a challenge.

I ask myself, “Why would this girl keep sticking around at home?

He plays Tom Parfitt, a frail Yorkshireman who triggers a series of inexplicable events when he’s admitted to a nursing home.‘It’s several years since he died but she’s still in grieving mode.

She finds it hard to look after her 18-year-old daughter Hannah, who’s a care assistant at the home, and her ten-year-old son Sean.

Recognising that her character was going through the same deep-seated sense of loss she herself had been enduring following a traumatic break-up with a boyfriend, Julia channelled her feelings through her troubled character.‘Jan’s in the throes of grief over the death of her husband and she’s turned to drink and men to numb the pain.

I felt grief-stricken when my last relationship ended.

She has finally shaken off her reputation as staid Saffy in Absolutely Fabulous but it appears that life has sadly imitated art for Julia Sawalha.