Under cover of writing a thesis on immigrant stores, Jan gets a ...

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In a suburb of Vienna during some hot summer days: A teacher who is in bondage to a sleazy pimp, a very importunate hitchhiker, a private detective on the run for some car vandals, a couple...

See full summary » The final installment in Ulrich Seidl's Paradise trilogy, 'Paradise: Hope' tells the story of overweight thirteen-year-old Melanie and her first love. See full summary » Teresa, a fifty-year-old Austrian mother, travels to the paradise of the beaches of Kenya, seeking out love from African boys.

Note: Polyester is a man-made textile which is really easy to clean and care for.

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See full summary » This is a film about the 'students ball' in Horn, the little Austrian town Seidl grew up.

The movie portraits the young débutantes as well as the local notables, all of them eagerly involved in maintaining the stiff and stifling ritual.

However, those areas are presented as if they were the real country, i.e. Marginal suburbs can be found anywhere in the developed world, not just in those countries.