Take in this fresh exhibit while finding a new ~passion~ with your number one.

Why not top it off with a glass of vino at the serene Juniper Cafe after? Jay White's exhibit, Traveller, is running from January 7th to February 18th! It's teams of 6, so it's the ideal spot for hilarious group dates that'll definitely bring any couple out of an ordinary routine or new couples who are still in the ~awkward/getting to know you/ya I'm cool and chill~ phase.

via @chavillacafevia @michellechaung This ones is for all the people that are tired of the stereotypical coffee date, so 2016 right! Be a little adventurous, fun, and dare I say, flirty?!

These guys offer amazing innovative drinks; try some fresh fruit slushies cramy milkys, desserts (shaved ice!

) and fresh brewed bubble tea from Prestotea for you and your bae to go on a tasting frenzy.

via @5arastarrvia @ygkcoffee The quintessential winter date is skating with some hot chocolate, but what makes this one even better is first, it's you two (adding the fire to this picture), and second?

The beautiful backdrop of the epicentre of Kingston behind you as you skate around the picturesque market square. Rental skates are available, and you can find all the rink info here!

Get there early because they often hit cap right when the show starts at 8pm!

via @undefined The all knowing "they" says distance makes the heart grow fonder, but did "they" know about the hilarious, challenging, and mysterious appeal of Improbable Escapes?

Ever since the Brooklyn came to the 613 their cool indie atmosphere and unreal craft beer scene has made it a staple in town. The doors open at 8, trivia starts at 9 and your choice of some of the finest craft beer around? Whether you take a stroll, a walk, a jog, a skip or even a shuffle with your bae down this path one thing will stay the same, the beauty of it.

What really brings them up a level is their hilarious events that take place every week, from live music to MOD club - every night brings a new twist. Coming straight from Mother Nature the Lemoine Point Nature Trail is a magnificent place to go with your beau for a date that seems like it's out of a rom-com (the good kind obviously).

Right along the shores of Lake Ontario not only sits the Tett Centre, holding a community gathering spot for local artists but also a very suave gallery for you and your bae to bond over - it's Modern Fuel.