But actually I forswore that right the day Johnny was born. ‘I mentally began to turn our den and patio into a school room and play yard.Now all we needed were some children and a good teacher.’The famously volatile Tracy-Hepburn relationship went on to become the stuff of Hollywood legend, their off-screen love affair bringing to their movies a chemistry believed by many to be the most convincing in movie history.With Bette Davis there was a poignant might-have-been relationship.

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When Spencer Tracy and Louise Treadwell first met on a New York train as young actors in their 20s, she had been the better known of the two.

A classic brunette beauty known to her family as Weeze, she was a clever and serious young woman who could have been almost anything she wanted: a writer, a journalist, a dancer, a poet. With his strong Irish features and thick, sandy hair, Spencer was unlike any actor she’d ever known.

Mrs Tracy and I are still excellent friends, and perhaps living apart for a while will lead to a reunion.’But, Spencer told his friend Humphrey Bogart, he didn’t think he could go through with it. ’Louise, meanwhile, valiantly gave her side of the story.

‘I’ve repeatedly told him to go out with other people,’ she said in an interview.

When the vehicle finally moved off, the woman, famed the world over as the actress Katharine Hepburn, got back into her Chrysler and followed it on its six-mile journey through the streets of Los Angeles.

As Spencer’s lover for more than 26 years, and his co-star in nine Hollywood romances, who knows what was going through her mind at that moment?

” That was the only time I ever heard him yell at her.

I didn’t hear her voice at all.’Three months after John’s diagnosis, Louise finally told Spencer the truth about the boy.

He was also drinking too much, eating too much (he was addicted to chocolates and sweets) and womanising too much.