Not all chat rooms for lesbians revolve around dating and meeting other women.

Some chat rooms are designed for lesbians who just want to have friendly conversation with other women of the same sexual orientation.

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Take care and be well, Dana CSN Dana There is a lesbian cancer chat room at under the women's solection.

It is often empty but I do know there are many that belong to I hope this helps you find a place that you too can be comfortable talking with others and you might want to try some of the lesbian cancer sites to find something that might suit you better.

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Also know that we are hoping that later this year we will roll out a new chat room function that will allow different topics for chat rooms.

We appreciate you patience and hope that you will find support through this discussion board and the existing chat room in the meantime.I would love if someone talked to me, or I them, just about lesbian things and [email protected] Reader636 It's not unusual for those who are bisexual to have a preference for one sex over the other.At the time I was dx'd 8 years ago, there werent' any lesbian support groups but since learned there was one but it was underground not any good to those of us who knew nothing about it.About four years ago our cancer centre started the first gay cancer support group in Canada and what a relief for those coming after me.This is scarey stuff, and since my surgery I've had anxiety attacks that have been horific. Scheduled for MRI's every 3 months for the next 2 years.