He cooled her club desires by helping her mother out financially and sent in one of his lawyers to secure the divorce from Ginger’s father.

He paid for a swimming pool and landscaping for her mother and after his death, she came after the estate for the money she claimed Elvis promised to pay off her mortgage.

Court proceedings four years later established that Dr.

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$50 gets you cuddles and $100 gets you pretty much anything else, Cradles his new Wiffuu as he obviously thought shaving this morning might be an a bit inconvenient. So send an e-mail, [grabs body pillow] I'll give you a response. [winks and turns off camera] Text at the end of the video: Women Only need respond. If you smoke, please put it out and air freshen the room prior to my arrival.

Video smuggled out by the CWC secret police (CWCSP) from unclassified sources - honest [Chris speaks in an attempted seductive voice, upside down on his bed] Hello ladies.

With Elvis off making films in Hollywood and Priscilla back at Graceland, Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’s manager, decided the pair should marry.

Christmas 1966, Elvis proposed and they were hitched in Vegas the following May 1967.

Pathologists performing the autopsy discovered five feet of Elvis’ lower colon was distended and blocked with chalky, whitish fecal matter.

He had not moved his bowels for some time, a process that occurs with the excessive use of ‘downers’.

How would you like to spend a little quality time-with this sexy bod, huh? [squeezes his mantits together] And the thing that I was wrongfully born with down there.

[slaps his duck] Good quality time, we could have it one way... So, for fifty dollars we could do a cuddle, and for a hundred dollars, [winks] you can do pretty much any- pretty much near anything. [facial expression turns serious, creepily stares at the camera in silence] I don't do anal...

Chris quotes for a hug, and goes on to say that 0 will, rather more reasonably, get the customer "just about anything" besides anal, which he doesn't do.