Los Angeles based Uh Huh Her is a dynamic pairing of musician/actress Leisha Hailey (of the Murmurs, and plays Alice Pieszecki on The L Word) and singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Camila Grey (Mellowdrone bassist and keyboardist). He's fluffy and unassuming, and shows up right when Atreyu needs him. "Bower" encapsulates all that is right with Inner Wave's distinct sound: slashing guitar chords and booming drums that call to mind the best of post-punk, Latin rhythms that summon the spirit of Tropicália and a playfulness informed by the true joy of hip-hop.Inspired by a PJ Harvey B-side from the identically titled 2004 PJ Harvey album, their band name was born. This indie electro-pop duo's second CD, Common Reaction releases this week, 19 August. Culled from the band's 2017 LP , the tune is named after vocalist/guitarist Pablo Sotelo's canine companion, Bowie (nicknamed Bower).The Black & Blue tour was absolutely amazing and by far superior to the disappointing Nocturnes tour.

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Grey - Pro-tools (I know I’m a dork) When I bought it, it allowed me to be so creative as far as production and layering sounds. I sit in front of that computer and create weird beats and synth patches. That Halloween, my daughter was costumed not as a female version of a male hero, not as a female pretending to be male, but as Thor herself.

The creative masterpiece you wish bore your signature? The best thing you ever bought, stole, or borrowed? This was important for my daughter and it was important for me.

They get Brad to play the Nord to, and I quote Camila Grey and Brad Ackley respectively, "to mix it up" and "to free up Leisha". She sits in front of the drums or hangs for dear life on her mic stand or leans on the Nord played by Brad Ackley during Philosophy. What happened to the sexy dynamic Philosophy renditions we got in the spring on the Black & Blue tour.

UH HUH HER should realise that if they start using appeal and flirtatious behaviour to create a buzz about a song or the band or get people excited enough to go see them live hoping they will get to witness this raw sexiness live, well then they can't just stop and start acting like robots who are just performing because they are contractually obligated to.

I thoroughly enjoy the music and the amazing, sadly underrated, musical talent of Camila Grey.

And when Leisha Hailey puts her heart into it, I have to admit that both ladies of UH HUH HER have incredible chemistry together.

When going to a live show, one expects a show, which means yes a stage outfit, dynamic interactions with the audience, funny banter, just something to show the people who paid to attend that they do care and really want the fans to have a great time.

I suppose I may very well be a minority when it comes to fans demographics, but for me, seeing "Alice Piesz...whatever the name of her character is" in the flesh is not what draws me to the shows nor to the band for that matter.

Other interesting fact, they have started using musical interlude played by the drummer and guitarist Brad Ackley (who are both super nice by the way) when the front women need to trade instruments or make adjustments just so they don't have to engage the crowd with some funny banter or comments or something.

If all the fans wanted was to listen to the songs, they would play the CD at home.

Well they can do whatever they want but they must be ready to face the backlash; most of the fans were so disappointed to look at Leisha Hailey sitting on the edge of the drummer's platform during Philosophy at all the shows I attended this past month and when Leisha was handing the bass to Camila Grey for Not A Love Song, the fans went crazy, hollering at them because it was the first and only time they were actually within 20 feet of each other and had to actually pay attention to their bandmate.