Casey and her battles with her new step-brother are often main points of every episode.

However, it's shown in a few episodes that they don't totally dislike each other.

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Derek and Lizzie have an unspoken "live and let live" policy.

They rarely interact, but neither does one of them have a problem with the other.

Now, with the appearance of two new sisters, Edwin is reconsidering his position.

In the series, Edwin seems to always stick to Derek's side.

His younger brother Edwin Venturi is his trusted accomplice and lackey.

For years, what Derek wanted, Edwin delivered, such as doing Derek's school projects.Since Casey has moved into Derek 's house, and since he is portrayed as having a naturally conniving nature, Derek starts out ahead. Moreover, well hidden beneath the arrogance and confidence is a soft heart, which sometimes gets in the way of his desire to win.This soft-heartedness is characterized by the fact that he, though generally being considered not very considerate, has a noticeable soft spot for his younger sister, Marti Venturi.Same as Derek, Casey knows when her stepbrother is not playing and needs help.At home mostly what Casey fights for is for the Venturi and the Mac Donald family to have the same power over the house.He does act brotherly towards her and considers her his sister.