FBI agents, National Guard troops and volunteers descended on St. Today, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico maintain registries. The answer, she believed, came in part from what the police told her: If only they had a list of suspects — a registry — they would at least have a place to start. Wetterling proved herself an effective lobbyist: In 1991, thanks largely to her efforts, the state of Minnesota established the nation’s first public sex-offender registry.

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The reason for this is obvious: All parents are horrified by the thought of their children being snatched from them and sexually abused.

Sexually oriented crimes committed against children are, for deep-seated cultural and perhaps innately human reasons, considered particularly grave violations of human dignity.

Despite all this good news, however, a closer look at sex-offender registration reveals a more nuanced and disturbing story.

Although effective in some respects at reducing crime, today’s sex-offender registries do not work as well as they could.

We must do more to keep the most dangerous offenders out of schools, and we must monitor the most potentially dangerous criminals more closely and even increase the use of the most severe sanctions (like lifetime civil commitment) that are currently available.

Registration of sex offenders can be an effective law-enforcement tool, but overregistration and overly restrictive rules on all those who are registered may do more harm than good.

Life on a registry imposes many burdens on those required to take part.

Individuals included on registries must inform police or other public-safety officials of their places of residence and work.

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s they bicycled and scootered back to their homes from a trip to the local convenience store in the 9 p.m. 22, 1989, Jacob Wetterling, his brother Trevor, and their friend Aaron Larson were accosted by a masked gunman with a raspy voice. Three years later, President Bill Clinton signed the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act that required all states to establish their own registries.

Even as the population has grown by roughly 13 percent, the number of child sexual-abuse cases fell from about 88,000 in 1999 (the first year for which the Department of Health and Human Services collected data on a national level) to fewer than 61,000 in 2013.