After a failed suicide attempt, he was hanged at Tyburn before a massive crowd. His father, John Wild, was a carpenter, and his mother sold herbs and fruits in the local market.

He was featured in novels, poems, and plays, some of them noting parallels between Wild and the contemporaneous Prime Minister Walpole, known as "The Great Corrupter". At that time, Wolverhampton was the second-largest town in Staffordshire, with a population of around 6,000, many involved in iron-working and related trades.

The prisons were notoriously corrupt, with gaolers demanding a bribe, or "garnish", for any minor comfort.

Wild became popular, running errands for the gaolers and eventually earning enough to repay his original debts and the cost of being imprisoned, and even lend money to other prisoners.

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Jack Sheppard and the entirely upper-class gang called the "Mohocks" in 1712) and valiant crime-fighters.

The city's population had more than doubled, and there was no effective means of controlling crime.

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