They have to choose who they will go on a date with based on the clothes they have been bought alone.

It’s an Irish thing: people die, you move on and not talk about it. There are no pictures of Lily and Geoff together, but he did exist and he is her dad.” Hingston says she’s an open person, but her husband’s death made her more “black and white, which you have to be when you watch a 37-year-old husband stop breathing and dying in front of you”, and her tolerance for sweating the small stuff evaporated.

The mantra that “life is too short” has coloured her communication since then, saying that you have to step back from small arguments unless there’s a very valid point for having them.

Since that loss, she began a new relationship, but it hasn’t been easy.

“I guess I’m lucky that I was young, I was only 30 when it happened.

We had to make a conscious decision: I really like you, I really fancy you, and that makes it more positive.” Day said he’s been hearing relationship advice for years, “but meeting someone that defied all of that ,you realise you should ignore all that stuff, and we’re proof that’s working out”. If you love each other, it’s quite obvious, there’s no point trying to hide it.” One of the biggest pressures a healthy relationship can face is the birth of a baby.

Tuite cites honesty as an important starting-off point. You know how you feel, and if you want to make it work.” “We weren’t dating for the sake of it,” Day says. when you’re younger it’s quite natural, to listen to peoples advice, and to protect a part of yourself, but we were both quite honest with each other and what we what . 2fm broadcaster and author Louise Mc Sharry and her husband recently had their first child.

Addressing the nation’s obsession with shows such as First Dates and Love Island, Matt gave his verdict on why these shows have a winning formula.

‘It’s nice to eavesdrop on dates on the likes of ‘First Dates’ then you have ‘Take Me Out’ which taps in to that very basic question, “Do I find this person attractive – yes or no? ‘Dress to Impress is a brand new fashion and dating show in which one single person has three strangers buy them clothes.

“I thought we’d be this adoring happy family and the reality is it’s a strain, it’s tough, you have to remind yourself to give someone a little kiss in the morning.