According to the New Vision, Ethics state minister Fr.Simon Lokodo said the machine will detect, control, and scrutinise porn on mobile handsets and other electronic devices.

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Mack said she fled her home and ran bleeding to neighbors when Koppenhaver went to the kitchen to fetch a knife.

Koppenhaver was arrested a week later in the Los Angeles suburb of Simi Valley.

When he hit Alec Knight, Alec Knight was just standing there with a drink in his hand smoking a cigarette and War Machine just went over and punched him in the face, knocking him out cold.

He ended up getting a bunch of staples in his head." Apart from the scene they shot together, Haven didn't know War Machine before inviting him to her party and has blocked all contact since.

The defense attorney characterized Koppenhaver as a “raging bull” with brain injuries from his fighting career and emotions inflamed by the use of steroids and non-prescription stimulant and antidepressant drugs that combined could have caused mood swings and violence that Leiderman termed “roid rage.” Mack, 24, spent eight hours on the witness stand, crying as she said she was beaten and raped by Koppenhaver in the months before the attack on her and Thomas.

“‘Now I have to kill you because people saw you trying to escape,'” she recalled Koppenhaver saying after an incident sparked by his dislike of a wig and decorative teeth she wore.Defense attorney Jay Leiderman this week conceded Koppenhaver’s guilt on eight lesser domestic battery charges, including punching and injuring ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.Koppenhaver also was charged with threatening her male friend Corey Thomas when he found them together in bed in 2014. He used fists to punch the face,” Leiderman said Thursday of the attacks on Mack.Bloody Elbow posted a report of the incident when it first happened 6 years ago, and here's Haven's side of the story: "We were all at my birthday party and he was there with a girlfriend of his.He actually showed up to my birthday party early and was blowing up balloons and everything was fine, and the next thing I know he was doing some drugs.Uganda is facing many challenges, in April, the country’s only Cobalt-60 radiation machine broke down, which put the the lives of 75 percent of the 44 000 cancer patients who require radiotherapy at risk.