Maine is home to countless quaint destination hotels that are known for taking people away from life’s distractions.

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But there are plenty of activities if you have a case of the first date jitters.

Senior dating can of course involve dancing, regardless of your dance ability - unless bad hips or infirmity rules it out.

Herein lies the root of Mack Maine's infatuation, and judging from his Instagram, he's proudly on the prowl for a lil mama to call his own.

Bask in the glory of Mack Maine's love of little women.

However, joining our site is one of the best methods to make that search for a special someone easy.

Farmers offers senior dating by providing a virtual environment to develop a relationship with someone special.In fact Allen’s is so popular that despite being technically made in Massachusetts, it’s often referred to as “the champagne of Maine.” So, you can bet that your most important and romantic moments will be toasted to with this local fave—and when it tastes this good, no one is complaining. Clams and lobsters on the other hand will leave you waddling away from a dinner, satisfied and hungry for second date.A Mainer can prepare these two dishes better than anyone else in the world.A group of friends was traveling on a dirt road in Kokadjo over the weekend when a run-in with a pair of Lynx stopped them in their tracks.Kokadjo, near Baxter State Park, is known for its wildlife and limited human residents (the town’s population sign says simply “not many”).Sarah Verney said in a Facebook post a pair of friends – Peter and Tammy Mullen – ran into the unusual sight.