Hints of these experiences lie in d.bot’s microaggressions, including “Where are you from? Chin said submitting her own has been cathartic, and she's hoping that aspect of the project will grow. Instagrams like @byefelipe and the aforementioned @tindernightmares receive hundreds of submissions showing messages men have sent women.

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Since when did Netflix become gendered, let alone “girly”? “I'd say you're like a solid 8...well, at least your body.” “How come women can't seem to take a joke? But the remarks didn’t nag me the way they usually do.

Actually, they triggered both laughter and anger, and maybe it was because this time they didn’t come from a person. Its name is d.bot, a web application that simulates conversations women might have with men in online and offline situations.

Because of that, people are forced to come up with something generic to say in their first few exchanges, which leads to d.bot-like behavior.

I and other women I enlisted tried out to see what exactly this fake dude was all about.

“I think it’s hard to unpack as a woman how much of the things that people say to me I have been conditioned to accept as normal when in fact they really are small cutting things," Chin told .

"How do we point out the things in our culture that are generally considered okay?That message addresses the landscape of interactions between men and women, particularly the way men speak to women.For women who experience these conversations, might seem unnecessary.They're the kind that don't seem offensive on the surface, so d.bot’s messages range from innocuous to extreme.The creators’ hope is that people can engage with long enough to bridge the gap between the two.If more than two responses are a good fit, or if no responses work, will randomize one.