I'm convinced that this kind of "failure to launch" is a sign there's emotional abuse and incest happening. He won't stand up to his mother, no matter how much it hurts you or how badly it affects your marriage.This is often what ends up killing what would have been a good relationship.

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Does his entire life revolve around Mother Dearest?

Does he always (and I mean always) put her ahead of you, no matter how pressing the issue is?

Whenever I heard something along these lines, I realized I was the other woman in the relationship.

His mother will never allow you to act like a wife because This one is often the first thing you'll notice with a guy who has emotional incest problems at home.

And much like a man treats the other woman in an affair, the original chick took priority every single time.

Their moms were the reason we couldn’t move out together, why I couldn’t decorate my home a certain way, and at times, even why I couldn’t trust my partner to keep secrets. I never understood why those exes couldn’t stand up to their moms.This is called "triangulation" and it's a very common sign that abuse is going on. Now, all moms have guilted a kid into doing something or other at least once. He won't show any independence from his family, even though he's way too old to be acting that way.This often makes one party feel "cornered" or feel like someone isn't really acting in their best interest. But when he literally feels guilty for even breathing out of line, or when he feels guilty for just acting like an adult, there's a problem. I know one guy whose family calls the shots on him for everything.With one guy, any time I'd try to cook food from his nationality, he'd critique it and tell me how his mother would make it. Studies show that guys who are emotional incest victims tend to have issues performing in bed.(Needless to say, I stopped cooking any sort of ethnic cuisine for him eventually.)Looking back, I realized that the straw that broke the camel's back in that relationship was that he was more concerned about what his mother thought than the family that we were supposed to try to build. They may be unable to get sexual without guilty feelings, or they may be hypersexual.Or, they may have a Madonna-Whore complex that makes it hard for them to respect someone they sleep with.