After the test, the kids trick athletic director Mr.Doyle into admitting how he took money from the girls' swim team for use in other sports.In an effort to make Rachel jealous and stop her from thinking about her missing boyfriend David, Brian begins hanging out with the club's pretty tennis instructor, Karen.

Gold fever hits the gang when they learn about a treasure.

Guest stars: Lewis Arquette as Uncle Lester, Bart Johnson as Clint Note: Two season 2 episodes took place not at Bayside High, but at Gold Canyon Ranch, a dude ranch, owned by Screech's uncle Lester; chronologically, these episodes were also supposed to take place during the summer before the season 2 episodes set in Bayside High.

They go out on a date, which makes Lindsay and Bobby none too happy.

Rachel and Brian also get caught up in the feuding that follows.

Rachel ruins her mom's $700 jacket and the gang helps her come up with a plan to replace it, a plan which makes Screech an unwitting participant. Belding and Screech are summer managers at the Palisades Hills Country Club. Meanwhile, the gang needs to find a chaperone for their camping trip.

Screech promptly hires the gang from Bayside to work there for the summer, and they just as promptly incur the wrath of Mr. Brian comes up with a scheme to get Screech to do the job, but first he must get him a date with Nurse Brady.The gang goes to a dude ranch owned by Screech's uncle Lester.They make friends with his cousin who picked on Screech when they were little.While there, Lindsay is offered a beer and ends up drinking too much.The boys come looking for the girls and Tommy D starts drinking also. Still at the ski lodge, Tommy D has time on his hands after his accident, and he and Megan start to spend some together.Saved by the Bell: The New Class is an American teen sitcom that aired on NBC.