Her mother had seen to that by hiring Johnnie Cochrane, who successfully defended OJ Simpson on a murder charge.After storming to her first global 100m title at the 1997 world championships in Athens, Jones married shot putter CJ Hunter.

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Hunter, who first met Jones at the University of North Carolina, then introduced the sprinter to a new coach, Trevor Graham.

Graham's technical improvements paid dividends and Jones, now a double world 100m champion, went to the 2000 Olympics on a wave of hype and in peak form.

Overnight she became athletics's golden girl, appearing on the cover of Vogue and piling up the cash to become one of the sport's first female millionaires.

Eight years later, Jones is headline news again - sentenced to serve six months in jail for lying to investigators after admitting her golden achievements in Sydney were fuelled by steroid abuse.

Otherwise, the ranch-style brick home suggests none of the horrors police say took place inside and which date back as far as 2009.

It reads: 'No gang members allowed: anyone that dresses the same, has the same badge and call themselves the authority of the land they did not create.

She retired from the sport and the IOC stripped Jones of her five Olympic medals and erased the American's results dating from September 2000.

In 1984, a nine-year-old Jones had written "I'm going to be an Olympic champion" on her bedroom blackboard.

Inside the Clemmons house, behind which police uncovered two long-dead bodies from a shallow grave last month, is a virtual sea of trash, animal feces and other putrescence within walls utterly covered in pentagrams and depictions of the Devil.