You want to make sure that your shots portray how you are in everyday life: approachable, friendly, and gorgeous!

Second, make sure you include three different types of pictures: a head shot, half-shot, and full-body shot.

The difficulties are more subtle — the challenge of having both parties’ intentions visible in advance. If we lived our lives abiding by the books of Martha, we would have a lot more tomato planters than anyone around us knew what to do with.

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When she told us to “fill a shadow box frame with dark velvet and natural elements for a creepy Halloween look,” we said, “Okay, Martha.” We are accustomed to saying, “Okay, Martha.” She is certainly the most prominent, if not the only, ex-convict telling us how to make tasteful seasonal decorations. She has a profile — yes, that’s really Martha Stewart — where she explains what she’s looking for in a man (“Someone who’s intelligent, established, and curious; and who relishes adventure and new experiences as much as I do. A lover of animals, grandchildren, and the outdoors. “Okay, Martha.” I know that came out with a survey in 2010 claiming that 17 percent of the couples married in the preceding three years had met online, and that 1 in 5 people had gone on online dates.

“If you don’t know an online dater,” the study implied, “you ARE one.” And now, Martha Stewart. For years, there were only two generally accepted facts about online dating.

While many people are surprised at her move, we know that online dating can absolutely be successful.

True, Martha likely has thousands of potential suitors lining up just because of her fame and fortune, but what is great is that she is really giving it a chance!

As recently teased on TODAY, the once-divorced homemaking mogul, 71, is looking for love — and has dipped her famous toes in the online dating pool, with her recently created profile now revealed.

Wearing an unbuttoned white shirt, Stewart — whose screen name is "thegoodlonglife" — gives a serene, close-mouthed smile for her profile shot. PHOTOS: Celeb foodies Plugging her new book, , the author and TV star explains of her leap into online dating: "I was reminded how central good relationships are to happiness and longevity.

Still, even though she is Martha Stewart, I feel there are some valuable points that we can take away from her profile to help you all when you are preparing your own profiles. Martha's photos are no doubt gorgeous, but perhaps not suitable for an online dating profile.

Make sure you are using quality photos with real eye contact with the camera and most importantly, big genuine smiles!

It is absolutely imperative that you include photos from head to toe - not only will you get more interest online, but others out there want to see the whole picture.