In an March 16, 2007, email to two aides, she wrote, “I’m torn on this one b/c i purposefully asked that I not be a focus here – my belief is administration should NOT attempt to sway the outcome of ballot props.” She added, “Remember we did NOT participate in writing the language of the voting pamphlet for the aforementioned reason – my belief that we weren’t supposed to try to sway the vote once it’s in the hands of the people.” Palin staffers told the AFC they were free to use any of her statements from the campaign trail, but that Palin, as governor, wouldn’t be taking a stance on the initiative.

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EST (Tim Murphy): Palinisms, continued: “Holy flippin A.” p.m.

EST (Tim Murphy): Life imitates art: With the Governor turning into a late-night punchline, revenue commissioner Patrick Galvin proposes a quick fix: “My suggestion is you offer to go on SNL and play Tina Fey, and you interview her as she plays you.” Meta. EST (Andy Kroll): Sarah Palin is apparently a fan of Pastor John Hagee, the controversial leader of Christians United for Israel who, among other incendiary remarks, once alleged that Adolf Hitler’s genocide against European Jews was “god’s will.” In a May 3, 2007, email to her scheduler [PDF], Palin asked if there was free time in her schedule to attend an event of Hagee’s at the Juneau Christian Center in June.

She goes on to draft a sample letter on her Blackberry, referring to herself in the third person, making up a quote from “Gov.

Palin” that references her own turn as “Miss Congeniality” and notes that “First Gentleman” Todd spent two days judging the pageant: p.m.

They basically get a check in the mail for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars every year, so the program certainly raises the appeal of drilling for average citizens.

It’s a model that some drilling fans—apparently Gingrich—have suggested to encourage drilling elsewhere. EST (Kate Sheppard): Sarah Palin wasn’t too busy as governor to ghostwrite a letter to the editor to defend herself against complaints that she’d skipped out on the 2008 Miss Alaska Pageant.

” Bristol gave birth to son Tripp on December 29, 2008. EST (Tim Murphy): We don’t profess to draw any sort of insight from this. Here’s an email sent to the Governor from her oldest daughter Bristol: “Hello Mother, Um, I’m sitting in library and I really thing you need to get Piper a cell phone!! What I have in mind is just a quick meet and greet, not a big deal, and not to talk about the case.

I just want to introduce myself and meet some of your staff…. EST (Andy Kroll): In the early days of her stint as Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, according to her emails, was reluctant to be a social conservative crusader.

We have made a concerted effort to reach him on ANWR but to no avail.

While I understand his concern about the congressional earmarking process, it sometimes appears that he is singling out Alaska for special treatment.

Wouldn’t you think they’d be afraid of being proved wrong when they rumor around the building like that? EST (David Corn): When Stephen Branchflower, the former prosecutor was hired by the state legislature to investigate Palin’s roll in the Troopergate scandal, he tried to reach out to the governor.