When I was looking through women’s profiles last week, I came across a number of profiles where the woman posted pictures of her all taken manually in some way. I know that Zoosk recently released survey data saying that women with selfies and with photos taken inside their home get more responses.

A theatre and baths have been found but not the exact position of the forum or basilica though these must have existed in the civitas.

The theatre and associated buildings would have been built in Flavian times funded by either the local tribal lite, Romans or, my personal guess, Gaullish merchants.

There are apps now that you can download that have a timer so that you can pose for a photo and make it look like you had a friend take the picture.

The men you’re meeting, Jane, all sound like sad sacks.

The gate is made of blocks (from a nearby site) supporting a red brick arch; it may just have been a postern gate but is wide enough to accommodate a wagon at just under 3m.

wide, but no noticeable road is associated with it.

The mediaeval wall copied the route of the Roman town boundary wall from the 3rd century (see image 2, overlay) so the gates are still visible but little of the insulae within the On our last day of 2004 we took a trip around Canterbury with tutor Jake Weekes to look for ourselves at some of the evidence of the Romans in Kent.

There is very little for the casual visitor to see in Canterbury. A look at the image on the right is self-explanatory - the closed entrance of Quenin Gate in the mediaeval wall of Canterbury.

[Whether the river was navigable right up to the West Gate given that the area was described as an 'alder swamp' I don't know for I read somewhere that there was a Roman port at Sturry; one can speculate there may have been a wharf of some sort between the north and west gates since this is the most likely place for one.] So, looking at the plan of Canterbury after Detsicas '83 above we can see the regular, or not so regular, 'squarish' grid of the Roman town with 8 or 10 buildings, a couple of drains and a theatre of some sort.