"It actually opens the door for things to begin to heal for them." How long before we see the effects of Beckett's most recent confession to her shrink on ADAM: Well, don't expect her to run straight into Castle's arms.

After all, we're pretty sure that secret he's keeping from her will rear its ugly head at some point.

Because the I2C interface is for 'writing' to the display only, you'll still have to buffer the entire 512 byte frame in the microcontroller RAM - you can't read data from the OLED (even though I2C is a bidirectional protocol). Once you get this working, you can try a different Reset pin (you can't change the SCA and SCL pins).

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No Personal Interests: No Play schedule: No What kind of gamer are you: No Character Gender: No Do you care if the player in real life is not the same gender as their character?

No Character Race: No Preferred Race: No Main class?

But will she be able to keep her bangin' new pregnancy body in check??? I'm kind of dreading Bree's relapse on NATALIE: How to put this? Got any good ADAM: When a local homicide cop's wife ends up dead, he literally makes a federal case out of it.

But when the investigation doesn't produce immediate results, the cop threatens to find the killer himself and deliver his own brand of justice.

But Sarah Wayne Callies thinks that, after some speed bumps, Rick's discovery is actually a good thing.

"Lori's having a much harder time putting it out of her mind and putting Shane out of her mind than she ever would've anticipated given that it was really just a purely physical thing at its inception," she says.

The nice thing about the 128x64 OLEDs is that they can be used with I2C ( a reset line) or SPI.

SPI is generally faster than I2C but uses more pins.

: No Dislikes: Yes Goals for the game: No Goals for the marriage union: No Etc: No Well the reason I posted this in general instead of a forum specific to a server is because not everyone looks at the server specific forums.

But I did assume people would at least see if they can get along and spend some time together before going through with the marriage.

NATALIE: Just because Jackson and Lexie broke up doesn't mean that Lexie will go running back to Mark, particularly since he isn't single at the moment. It's someone you know pretty well, and if you paid close attention to the Halloween episodes, you already know who's inside the gimp suit. And gross.) I'm so glad Ben and Leslie are back together.