Bainbridge Island had been a target of racist literature and this was a…➤Cast metal rectangular weight with mythical figure.➤Using Christianity and evolutionary theory White talks of the evolution of women and for women to progress in China there must be an improved family system; women would have to study music, printing and home economics; be able to raise children and…

There are three chapters in this book of the story about Wu yun who escaped from the state of Yue to the state of Wu. ➤This set of books was edited by Gong Pi Fah Ci and translated into Chinese by Zhan Xian Ci. This book went through 22 editions in nine years in China. This is the story of a young scholar who becomes the number 1 scholar at the final Imperial examinations, marries a princess and becomes a minister.

The story is based on the historical records of the Sui and Tang Dynasties written by Luo Guan Zhong. Though this letter has examples of how to write to government officials expressing the new found freedoms of the Chinese people it is… It is a tale of a person who meets a deity, and gains supernatural powers with which they help the people. He suffers much treachery but comes out victorious in the end.

A love story during the time of the Chinese revolution.

The women are working for equality and freedom and the men for revolution, but at the beginning freedom to choose one's spouse did not always have a happy ending. ➤The story of Zhou Gong, who was the Duke of Zhou in the Spring and Autumn Period.

The article is a call to arms to defend the kingdom.

It was used extensively throughout Chinese history…

(Is possibly a historical fiction about great Ming dynasty painter Wen Zhengming, who was known as one of the four great talents of his age.)In the Ming Dynasty at the period of Zheng De, there were four famous gifted young scholars in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. ➤Collection of classic maxims in eight chapters, instructing the reader on how to: be fair minded; cultivate one's moral character; study well; have a happy family; work well; get along with other people; be engaged in political affairs; manage state…

➤Originally published in 1763, this is a collection of 300 Tang Dynasty poems, encompassing works by some of the most celebrated poets of the era. This collection is still a staple for students studying Tang poetry.

It was published in Guangzhou (Canton) and uses some characters unique to Cantonese. Chinese operetta lyrics vol 2,3, 4 This is the story of a pair of young lovers who plan to marry until the man's father is murdered by Imperial treachery. the mother dies and the father remarries a woman who is the epitome of the evil step mother.