When the endpoint client updates via Config Mgr it using the Software update component piece of the Config Mgr Client.

I am going to start with the issues my client was having when manually trying to update the definitions by using the GUI and then go into why the client wasn’t getting updates from Config Mgr.

Both errors 0x80248014 and 0x8024402c had occurred when someone tried to manually update the definitions using the GUI.

I open the policy and change the following settings, After I have changes these, I have to deploy the client settings to a computer collection that I wish to have forefront installed.

So I right click the policy and choose “Deploy” When you now install a agent on a computer that resides within that collection, I will get SCEP installed.

Microsoft has been in the anti malware/virus business for a couple of years now.

Going back to the first version of Windows Defender and going on today with the most used antivirus product on the market (Which is free) Microsoft Security Essentials.

Not sure where Microsoft is headed with this, since if a business wants Forefront they would need to invest in SCCM as well (Even if they don’t need it).

On the other hand, Microsoft can now brag about having a system that does everything.

After a little research and thanks to the Forefront Endpoint Protection Blog I had found that both of these errors had the same core cause.