Hearn’s hand and I just remember saying to him, “I’m sorry that we have to meet under these circumstances.” Jennifer Corbin’s family knew nothing about her husband Bart’s girlfriend, who died from a single gunshot back in 1990.

But like the girlfriend’s family, Jennifer’s relatives immediately told police that no matter how her death looked on December 4, 2004, this wasn’t suicide. Narda Barber, Jennifer Corbin's mother: And she said, “Mom, Mom, I do not love Bart.

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Porter: That’s the first critical piece of information that blows his alibi out of the water. I mean, he’s a dentist, he washes his hand and puts on latex gloves 30 times a day.

It puts him at the residence at about quarter of two in the morning till about five after two in the morning. Stafford: So if this indeed was a suicide, how would Jennifer have held the gun? She would have had to hold the gun here about this angle ‘cause you take the bullet, the gunshot wound, later confirmed through autopsy, was within an inch of the skin. Stafford: Was there any gun powder residue on Jennifer’s hands? Stafford: Would it be possible for Jennifer to kill herself and not have gunpowder on her hands?

Stafford: Is it possible that Jenny took her own life? And I’ll tell you, there are two reasons-- Dalton and Dillon. She certainly would not have committed suicide and let her children find her that way with a gun next to her. No, you could not convince me of that in a million years. Max Barber: I knew that she was dead and I knew that somebody did it. Gil Hearn: There’s absolutely no thought in my mind, or any of the family’s mind that she would have done that.

Like Jennifer’s family, the Hearns were adamant that Dolly had not taken her life.

And there was evidence she may have worried about losing her children in what was certain to be a nasty divorce and custody fight. Dolly looked happy as she attended her brother’s high school graduation. All the medical examiner had at the time was simply that it was a female with a gunshot wound to the head and the gun was found in front of her.

Still when Dateline first spoke with Jennifer’s family shortly after she died in December 2004, they were adamant that Jennifer would never have committed suicide. Stafford: Is there anyway your sister could have taken her own life?And he said, “No, Heather, I’m sorry she’s gone.” “She” was 33-year-old Jennifer Corbin, the wife of Dr.Barton Corbin, a tall, handsome dentist, who was 40.For one family, the story began on December 4 Heather Tierney, Jennifer Corbin's sister: Typical Saturday morning and the phone rang.And I was immediately hysterical and I asked where she was, was she okay.Gil Hearn: Right, so that obviously made things more difficult. Danny Porter, prosecutor: One of the people calls and says, I heard they were reopening the Augusta case.