Whether you’re a fan of dating sims or just downright hate them, you can probably agree that they can be cliched, overly saccharine, and often just poor representations of actual human behavior.

Let potential employers know you are the best fit for them, without including anything distracting.

After all, how many selfie fails were the result of some hilarity or horror in the background?

The same skills as those that help you rise above the competition, elicit a “Hey” or perhaps even an emoticon, can help land your next dream job.

So take what Tinder has taught you and use it to find better.

Focus on the opportunities that align with your professional goals and don’t fritter away your time applying to jobs that don’t.

Well-rounded – When looking to spend your life with someone, or at least an evening on a date, you likely look for key indicators in their profile: photos with friends, check – he’s not a serial killer; photos with a dog, check – definitely not a serial killer; photos with family, check – cute, he loves his mom.

Showcase your expertise by drawing a clear picture of what you would do with the opportunity.

First Impressions – If grammatical mistakes in your profile, or a distasteful rant, can put off suitors, similar snafus can repel employers.

You only have one chance to make a first impression so make sure you are captivating – irresistible even. For more tips on how to appeal to a potential employer, or for advice on how to make a splash once you land an interview, visit career-advice.