Rules about consent apply in marriage or any long term relationship.If someone (man or woman) does not want sex then you can not force them.

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If you are in any doubt as to whether someone is consenting, or whether they have lost the capacity to consent, then don’t have sex. Sex without consent is against the law – there are lots of different crimes about this but all of them are really serious.

Rape (penetration of mouth, vagina or anus with the penis), assault by penetration (with fingers or objects), sexual assault (any sexual touching at all), causing someone to have sex.

Many women from Northern Ireland travel to other parts of the UK for a legal and free termination.

Young women usually want to tell parents or another responsible adult.

‘A person consents if [s]he agrees by choice, and has the freedom and capacity to make that choice.’ Just because someone isn’t protesting or saying no does not mean that they are agreeing to sex.

If someone is really drunk or stoned then they may lack the capacity to be able to consent, particularly if they pass out or forget what happened.

To find your local Reproductive Sexual Health or ‘Family Planning Clinic’ or Brook, where you can get referred for a termination (abortion) for free, click here.

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It is illegal to have sex in a public toilet (even in a locked cubicle).