Consequent problems are worse when either a core Windows component is flagged as potentially malign or core functionality is disabled, as in the latest case.

my avast  antivirus is not updating-39

I just tried installing Avast 9, but twice my system automatically updated it to Avast 11.2.2262 (even though I set it to 'manual' update, grrr). Avast 2017 (version 17) won't install under Windows XP/SP2 incidentally. I keep a couple of systems with an older OS for certain hardware and software compatibility, plus occasional testing.

Back to Avast 7, what SHOULD happen is a pop-up message saying your version of Avast is no longer supported, or at the very least, give an alert your definitions are out of date.

Problem was, I began monitoring the software closely after this..closely!

On February 17th no update came, and stayed stuck on version "170216-0" for straight!

An Avast update pushed out six years ago classified the whole web as malign, as we reported at the time.

® Updated at 9am on 15 May to add: Avast got in touch late on Friday acknowledge the problem and say that a fix for Avast and AVG 17.4 has been released, alongside a guide on how to download it.

As-is this puts Avast 7 and 8 users at risk of infection! My Avast 7 has finally updated its definitions to "170223-0" (Feb 23, 2017).

It would appear there was an issue on Avast's server end.

Before I update to version 11, which is bloatware--filled with popup ads and slows my computers to a crawl, I'd like to hear if anyone else is having problems with Avast 7. I would like to get this resolved ASAP, I don't like leaving my machines unprotected.

When you had version 11 installed, did you install all the (what I consider the extra) bits and pieces like: Mail Shield, Software Updater, Browser Cleanup, Rescue Disk, Home Network Security, Safe Zone Browser, Security Browser Extension, Safe Price Browser Extension?

"To regain web access you have to disable Web Shield or disable Avast or uninstall Avast.